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We specialise in all styles of chair for people with mobility restrictions from fireside chairs to Rise & Recline Chairs.
We have a large selection of Rise & Recline chairs that can be taken away the same day along side our range of rise & recline chairs that can be made to measure using a local manufacture in Sheffield

Single Motor Rise & Recline Chairs

Single motor rise & recline chairs are the simplest type of chair to use as the chair does everything using just 2 buttons. This type of chair is ideal for the 'easily confused' user. They also feature tilt in space reclining mechanisms, meaning that as the legs raise, the bum drops, allowing the legs to be elevated higher.

Dual Motor Rise & Recline Chairs

Dual motor rise & recline chairs offer a higher level of adjustability over single motor versions & are usually operated using 4 buttons. Two buttons will operate the chair raising & the footboard, Two will be for the back rest adjustment. 

4 or Quad Motor Rise & Recline Chairs

These chairs are very similar to a dual motor chairs in that the footrest & backrest can be moved independently. However, they also feature added lumber & headrest adjustments for added comfort

Fireside Chairs

Fireside chairs are not adjustable & are slightly higher in stature than a normal chair making them easier to get in & out of. They will also feature winged back designs to allowing for better support

Chair Accessories

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