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Chargers For Mobility Scooters & Powered Wheelchairs

  • Nationwide Delivery Available on all Chargers

  • 12 Months warranty

*Charger Guide*

2amp chargers 

Charge battery sizes from 10ah to 25ah​

5amp chargers 

from 30ah to 55ah​

8amp chargers 

from 60ah to 85ah

10amp chargers

from 85ah to 110ah

What does a Mobility Charger actually do?

Chargers for AGM & GEL batteries go through 3 stages of charge to maintain your batteries performance and capacity-

Stage 1: This is the 'bulk charge', during this stage the charger will be putting in its maximum safe amount of current, until the batteries are 80-90% charged.

Stage 2: This is called the 'absorption charge', in this stage the charging voltage will remain constant, but the current will reduce due to an increase in internal resistance.

Stage 3: The 'Float Charge', often referred to as the 'trickle charge' this is the part of the charge that is most important to maintaining healthy batteries, as during this stage both the voltage and the current reduce, slowly topping up the batteries and maintaining them at their peak capacity.

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