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Batteries for Mobility Scooter, Stair Lift & Powered Wheelchair Application

  • Nationwide delivery on all batteries

  • 12 Months Guarantee

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So, Why Choose Strident 
Mobility Specific Batteries???

*Quick Tip*

Charge your equipment after every use for between 8-12 hours, & avoid turning off your charger when the light first goes green.

*Did You Know?*

Dependent on the make & model your scooter or powerchair, sometimes you are able to upgrade to larger batteries, allowing you to go further on a charge. This will obviously depend how much room there is on your equipment and the size charger that you have.

If you would like more information as to if this is a possible upgrade for your equipment, then we would be happy to help!

Be Sure Your Batteries Are Faulty

We offer battery tests at your door using the latest mobile AGM/GEL pulse battery testers. 

We also offer slow discharge tests for AGM, Gel and Lithium mobility batteries if necessary or if a print out graph is required.

Whats better, if you buy the batteries from us we will do the test for FREE! 

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