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The Daisy Rise and Recliner Chair is a stylish addition to any living room.

The Daisy offers superior comfort and is available in a variety of colours and features both lift and recline action.

Each chair has an easy to use 2 button control handset.

The Daisy Chair has a high quality OKIN single motor drive system.

The chair is fully certified to British Standards.

This chair must be placed at least 26" from the wall for daily operation. 

The Daisy single motor rise& recline chair


    • Model: Daisy single motor 

    • Max User Weight:  135kg /21st 

    • Backrest height: standard: 710mm 

    • Seat Size Standard: 510mm Deep x 500mm wide x 435mm High 

    • Overall size: 630mm deep x 720mm wide x 1095mm tall 

    • Clearance Needed at Front:  

    • Clearance Needed at Back: 660mm 

    • Mechanism:  single tilt in space 

    • Casters or Gliders:  Gliders  

    • Material:  Fabric 

    • Colours: Blue/mink/oat 

    • Warranty:  1yr parts & labour 

    • Optional Extras: Mark Bates Insurance or Extended Warranty  


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