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Stairlift buyers guide

There are many different makes and models of stair lifts but only 2 different styles:

  • Straight stairlifts:

Perfect for staircases with no bends. There will be a   set fee for a straight lift plus any options that may be   required

  • Curved stairlifts:

Designed for staircases that go around corners, these   will usually be a little more expensive than   a  straight stair lift as the tracks are often tailor made   depending on the maker

Be prepared for a home visit as measurements and a brief assessment of you and your staircase will be necessary. The shape and size of your staircase will determine the price.

Beware!   Some companies will use this as a sales tactic and pressure you into a sale, so be sure to check that the assessment is a  no obligation one!

All of our local assessments are carried out by Jamie, they are free of charge, pressure free and no obligation (the only thing he might ask for is a cup of tea).

Our web site prices are a rough guide to the prices and  cost differences between straight stairlifts and curved ones. The exact price can be given after the brief assessment

Both new and used stairlifts will be fitted quickly and efficiently by qualified manufacture trained installers, with no mess or fuss.We guarantee that you will receive a high quality of service.

Expect only 1-2 hours for a straight stairlift installation and around 3-4 hours for a curved stairlift installation

We are able to offer nationwide assessments and installations all within a couple of days.

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