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This Rise & recline chair over table by Drive Devilbiss has been developed for use with Rise & Recliners to provide a surface for eating, reading and undertaking other activities whilst relaxing in your chair.

The table top pivots a full 360 degrees easily, allowing for simple transfers to and from the chair. The height can also be adjusted to suit user requirements, while it requires no attachments to be secured in place.
Designed for use with a lift chair, standard recliner or couch (not suitable for space savers / wall huggers)Can be used for many activities such as eating, writing, crafts, working on the computer, reading and games

Right or left hand varients avalible with 180° rotation so that the chair can be placed by any wall for maximum convenience

Teak wood grain laminate finish is attractive, easy to clean and scratch resistant

A built in magazine rack provides added convenience and storageRequires no attachments to secure in place

Rise & recline chair height adjustable table

  • Height: 59-81cm

    Width: 39cm


    Weight: 17.2kg

    Safe working load: 22kg

    Baseplate size: approx. 77 x 37cm

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