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Wheelchair Rentals


Only need a wheelchair temporarily?  We have a range of lightweight portable wheelchairs to rent for just £25 per week

How do I reserve one?

Just give us a quick call & we can check availability. If we have one available we will happily reserve it for you

What do I need to rent one?

  • Your drivers licence/passport as I.D

  • £50 deposit plus the rental term payment up front

Will I be shown how it works?

Yes, we carry out a detailed explanation of how they work prior to rental & will make sure that you are comfortable before going on your way, we also encourage test rides & will advise if we don't think the equipment is right for you

What types do you rent?

We a selection of different sizes in both transit (small rear wheels) & self propelled (larger rear wheels)

Can you deliver?

Yes, we can deliver & collect local to Sheffield, please call for a quote

Are they VAT Exempt?

Please click here

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