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Used Mobility Scooter Buyers Guide

Buy With Confidence
  • Upto 12 Months parts and labour warranty
  • FREE local delivery & Set Up
  • 1 Months FREE Insurance

We know it’s tempting to buy a second-hand mobility scooter privately, but we are also aware that they are not always as they seem. That is why we have composed this 7 step 'used mobility scooter buyers guide' to give you a better chance of finding a good one.

(1) Don't be deceived by its shiny looks!

Any scooter will clean up no matter how rough or old it is, have a good look under it if possible. Scuffs and scrapes on plastics may only be cosmetic but if there are any bumps on the front corners, check the wishbones for being bent, excessive front tyre wear can also be a sign of this.

(2) Make sure everything works

Key switch, throttle, speed pot, tiller adjustment, frame splitting, seat adjustments, freewheel mode, lights etc etc.

(3)Are parts still available for it?

There are a lot of scooters out there that parts are no longer available for as they may be too old, not only that but there are scooter companies that close, most recently Better life, they were renowned for selling scooters that only they could supply parts for. This leads me on to brands of mobility scooters to look out for that will only supply parts and services direct to the customer. They do this to eliminate any competition from companies like us, therefore can charge what they want for parts and repairs (I have known call out fees of well over £100).

 The long and short of it all is that it doesn’t take much to deem a scooter scrap if you can no longer get the parts for it, consider if you would be happy to throw it away for the price your paying if it broke in a few months.

 If you would like to know if the model you are looking at is obsolete, or a pain to get parts for give us a call, our advice is free.

(4)Are the batteries any good?

The best single piece of advice we could give you when buying a used mobility scooter would be to assume the scooter you are buying will need new batteries, unless they are tested correctly and come with warranty like ours. The test that has to be carried out on a mobility battery takes around 24 hours and requires a slow discharge test, despite what anyone trying to sell you the scooter tells you. Holding the scooter against a wall and watching the battery gauge drop, looking at the voltage with a multi meter, even if it ‘pulls like a train’ they are not ways to test the batteries, and you are best to assume they are no good. If they are totally flat, replace them, there are a few iffy take a break tips on how to re charge them from flat but take it from us, we’ve tried, and the batteries will never work for long. If you can, borrow the batteries and drop them in to us, we only charge £15 to test them. 

(5) Does it drive ok?

Get on and have a good go, pay attention to it surging, cutting out, feeling slow or making any funny noises.

(6) Is it the correct charger?

Check it lights up as it should when plugged into the scooter, and check that it is the correct size ah for the scooter-again you can call us if you are un sure of the size it should be. Testing the charger there and then is not an easy job and this is something else that you will have to take a gamble on.

(7) View our scooter buyers guide

 Finally check the scooter you are buying is right for you. For example, smaller scooters may sound great because they fit in the boot of your car but they may not be capable of what you want them to do the rest of the time.


We offer a range of door to door mobility scooter repairs, services & battery testing if you have bought something that you are not 100% about

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