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This tyre is suitable for a range of mobility scooter or powered wheelchairs & is available in 2 tread designs,

  • Ribbed pattern is ment for front wheel applications
  • Sawtooth pattern is ment for rear or drive wheel applications.


This range of solid/puncture proof tyres has been designed to offer excellent levels of grip, longevity, & surprising levels of comfort not to mention and reliability & piece of mind against punctures.


These tyres have a soft rubber infill & completely eliminate the risk of a puncture.


We recommend that we fit these solid tyres as they require specialist tooling.

We offer in-house fitting along with a door to door service if required.


If you are in doubt as to what size you may require please call on: 0114 2315131 & we would be happy to help.

2.80/2.50x4 Puncture Proof Mobility Scooter & Powerchair Tyre

  • Electric Mobility
    Liteway 4, Liteway 4 +, Liteway 6, Liteway 8, Liteway Balance, Liteway Balance +, P200,

    Pronto M61, Spectra XTR, Topan,

    Kudos Megalite 4, Kudos Megalite 6, Kudos Megalite 8, Kudos Megalite EQ,

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