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The Single Wheel Solo Powerpack attaches to any wheelchair in literally seconds. Once fitted you will never need to push the chair again. Simply walk behind with your thumb on the control and let the Powerpack do all the work for you.

No more struggling up hills, ramps or uneven ground, just press the lever and enjoy the effortless transportation the Powerpack provides.

With speeds up to 4mph with up to 18 stone on board and a range of up to 10 miles per charge, there is more than enough capacity for most days out. The Solo Powerpack is the most technically advanced carer-controlled wheelchair power pack on the market.

Light enough to take anywhere the Powerpack enables you to have that extra mobility from car boot, coach, train, boat and plane.

For those who have greater day to day needs and may require extra traction the Twin Wheel Duo Model is available, and for heavier user weights, please see the Heavy-Duty Twin Wheel Model Duo model.

  • Incredibly easy to fit
  • So easy to use and simple to remove
  • Designed and made in the UK
  • Tens of thousands sold world wide
  • Two years warranty

The fully automatic charger simply plugs in to the sealed and maintenance free battery at the end of the day ready for the next day out. This standard Powerpack comes with everything you need to get out and about.

Don't Push it... An incredibly simple and reliable alternative to struggling whilst out and about.

Other great models of power pack that you may want to compare this to would be the slightly cheaper Drive Powerstroll or the Roma power pack


TGA Solo Wheelchair Powerpack

  • Specification Detail Metric Imperial
    Motor Power   12v 160w    
    Powerpack Weight   5.9Kg 13lbs
    Battery Weight   6.5kg 14.2lbs
    Battery Capacity   12v 20ah    
    Wheel Size   200 x 50mm
    Max Speed   6 kmh 4 mph
    Approximate Range   16 km 10 miles
    Maximum User Weight   114.5Kg 18 stone
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