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Rollz Flex is a compact, stable and lightweight rollator with a large shopping bag. Its innovative design enables the rollator to stay close to the body so that you can walk with optimum posture. The short wheel base makes it easy to step aside from it without the wheels getting in the way. It also allows you to make tight turns in narrow spaces.

This rollator offers great support and steers lightly, even with a full shopping bag. The beautiful design hides the more traditional rollator look. It can even encourage those who are not yet ready to accept their condition to feel more confident when going out. The soft foam filled tyres of the Rollz Flex 2 absorb vibrations, allowing a more comfortable walk.

Rollz Flex² Rollator

  • Rollator weight: 7,7 kg
    User height: 1,55 – 1.95 cm
    Seat height: 62 cm
    Seat width: 44 cm
    Weight capacity: 125 kg
    Overall width: 62,3 cm
    Overall length: 60 cm
    Width folded: 33 cm
    Height: 80 – 100 cm
    Bag capacity: 25 litre/ 20 kg
    Bag measurements HxWxL: 37x43x9 (below)/22 (above)
    Wheel diameter: 8 inch

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