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This all new range of exiting Power Adaptive Wheelchair Systems (PAWS) by Rehasense are super simple to fit, remove & use on most wheelchairs within seconds.


PAWS Cruiser is a great solution for a variety of mobility purposes and whether you are traveling around town or along a forest trail, this model is for you. The large 16” drive wheel absorbs every bump to ensure a superb comfortable ride every time. Get your PAWS on the track and easily overcome theo bstacles in the terrain. Feel the freedom of the road with PAWS.

The PAWS is an ideal power attachment for your wheelchair as it combines ergonomics and functionality with superb aesthetics. With PAWS, your manual wheelchair quickly becomes an exciting vehicle, allowing you to be more independent when getting to work, going shopping, or just for a fun day out. This wheelchair power add-could even be a great alternative to the car.


Why not let your adventure start here!




  • Up to 20mph top speed*
  • Multiple speed and driving settings
  • Up to 23.5 mile range (per battery)
  • 19st User weight limit
  • Climbing capability of upto 17° (10%) so excellent for the hills of Sheffield!
  • Quick charging time, only 5 hours!
  • LED Headlamp with 1900 lumen high and 540 lumen low beams
  • Universal Clamping System (fits most active/ fixed frame wheelchairs)
  • Track Assistance
  • Ergonomic Controls and Steering
  • Traction Control
  • Automatic Clamp and Lift Features Available 



No frame alteration or additional add-ons to your wheelchair are required. Simply get your wheelchair into position, use the clamps to attach the PAWS, lift the system into place and off you go!


Want to make it even simpler? With Automatic Clamps just roll your wheelchair into the clamps and press the button for automatic clamping and lifting to the driving position. The process takes just 12 seconds! 



Avalible as manual lift, where you lightley push the handle bars away from you enabling the PAWS to Rise into driving mode or as auto lift.

With Auto Lift, you do not have to use upper body strength, it will simply raise at the touch of a button.



PAWS come with the following modes: Forward Speed Mode, Walk Mode, Cruise Mode, Traction (anti wheel spin) Mode and Reverse Mode, PAWS has 3 speed settings, 2mph, 4mph and 8mph as standard, however, this can be raised to 12mph and 20mph for off road use only upon request*.



PAWS are equipped with a Track Assistant which is a self-centering tracking function. After steering, the Track Assistant aligns the wheel in the direction of travel. For the user, this means increased levels of comfort when driving.



PAWS features an electronically assisted braking system. Equipped with a disc brake, two brake levers and two seperate brake calipers, PAWS aims for maximum safety.



The on/off switch for traction control is positioned to the right-hand side of the handlebar. Traction control maintains wheel-to-road traction in slippery or challeging driving conditions. With it's help, wheel spin is largley prevented, therby optimizing your PAWS traction. 



    • Tetra controls
    • Up to 20mph speeds*
    • Wire Basket
    • Bag
    • Airline Safe Battery
    • Dual Battery Option
    • Spare Battery
    • Footrest
    • Rear View Mirror


    *PAWS can be customised to your requirements up to 20mph.  UK Law limits mobility products to 4mph on pavements and 8mph on public roads. Speeds of up to 20mph are only permitted on private property. 


    **Local home delivery within Sheffield, Barnsley, Chesterfield & Rotherham

    Rehasense PAWS Cruiser Wheelchair Power Attachment

    • Model: City 16"

      Measurements (LxWxH): 820x490x860mm

      Total Weight: 26.4kg

      Weight without battery: 23.1kg

      Max user weight: 19st/120kg

      Motor Power Output: 500w

      Max engine torque: 78 Nm

      Wheel Size: 16"

      Light: High Beam - LED 1900Lumen, Low Beam - 540Lumen

      Climbing capability:  upto 17°/10%

      Turning Radius: 120cm

      Battery: 48V / 11.6Ah / 557Wh Lithium

      Battery Measurements (LxWxH): 371x130x86mm

      Battery Weight: 3.3Kg

      Charging time (full charging cycle): 5 hours

      Max Range: upto 23.5miles/38km (per battery)

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