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Icon 125 Comfort Wheelchair


Comfort wheelchairs, or “multifunctional wheelchairs” as they are called, have to meet high requirements in order to meet the needs of users and caregivers. The Icon 125 provide great seating and positional comfort as well as a lot of inbuilt adjustment capabilities to ensure a precise fit. 


Product Description

Introducing our Comfort Wheelchairs, also known as "multifunctional wheelchairs," which are designed to fulfill the high standards required by both users and caregivers. The Rehasense ICON 125 model offers exceptional seating and positional comfort, with various built-in adjustments to ensure an accurate fit. Our innovative modular ICON mobility system enables components from Rehasenses ICON 120 and 125 comfort wheelchairs, constructed from steel and aluminum respectively, to be interchanged and combined with wheelchairs from the ICON 10-40 range.

The ICON 125 is equipped with rear wheels in three sizes: 20", 22", and 24" for self-propelled users, and 16" for attendants.

The wheelbase can be extended by either 5 cm (SW: 41/46 cm) or 10 cm (SW: 51 cm) at the front. Back and seat cushions offer lateral and lumbar support, as well as pressure relief, ensuring maximum comfort for the user.



  • Hip widths can be adjusted with the arm rests and side panel pads
  • The laminated seat and back cushions provide good postural control and pressure distribution over bony prominence with good lateral support to prevent the user from drifting sideways
  • The back frame is angle, depth and height adjustable to fit all kinds of backs
  • The head/neck support has 11,5 cm of medio-lateral slide adjustment as well as height, angle and depth adjustment
  • The ICON Mobility System allows infinite adjustment of the seat depth



  • Can be equipped with 20”, 22” and 24” rear wheels for selfpropelled users as well as with 16” rear wheels for attendants
  • Front wheels are available in PU black with 6”, 7” and 8”
  • Brake options include drum brakes and knee brakes with various grip options



  • Wheelbase can be extended at the front by 5 cm (SW: 41/46 cm ) or 10 cm (SW: 51 cm)
  • Equipped with front and rear mounting brackets for attaching the wheelchair as a seat in the car
  • Tilt in space seat system allows the users hips to be lowered and the back rest to be reclined with ease 



  • Back: good lateral and lumbar support
  • Seat: pressure relief under the ischial tuberosity, additional support on the lateral and medial sides of the thighs and in the rear area of the buttock rim
  • Abduction pommel is also available



The ICON 125 wheelchair is designed to meet the needs of users and caregivers, with a range of innovative features to ensure comfort and convenience, one of them being height adjustable push handles.



One standout feature of ICON 125 is a fully adjustable headrest, with folding side wings for more lateral support.



The legrests of ICON 125 come with calf pads and are swing away, detachable & liftable.


This chair is highly customisable and can be tailored to suit the individual user in many ways, this being said we would recomend calling up our shop to discuss options if this was a product that intrests you


*Local home delivery & setup within Sheffield, Barnsley, Chesterfield & Rotherham

Rehasense Icon 125 Comfort Tilt in Space Wheelchair

  • User Weight Limit: 150kg/23.6st

    Weight: 31-36kg

    Seat Widths: 32, 36, 41, 46, 51, 56, 61 cm

    Seat Depths: 40-53cm/45-58cm

    Front seat height: 44-47cm

    Rear seat height: 43-50.5cm

    Tilt angle: up to 35°

    Recline: up to 30

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