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This is a premium all weather cover that provides storage and protection from the elements for your mobility scooter.


Available in three sizes:

Small    - 55cm wide x 60cm high x 110 cm long

Medium- 60cm wide x 110cm high x 125cm long

Large   - 81cm wide x 128cm high x 159cm long 


All sizes are approximate floor covering measurements and they do stretch with them being adjustable at the bottom

If you are unsure of the size cover you require, give us a call we will be happy to help.


Ideal for all year round use but we don't recomend that you use this cover if your scooter is stored away from home.

If you are looking for somewhere a little more durable to store your mobility scooter or wheelchair then give us a call and ask us about our mobility scooter storage shelters that we can supply and install, they cover more floor space than this type of cover but are very easy to access when you want to use your mobility scooter and offer more protection from the weather.

Premium outdoor storage cover for mobility scooters

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