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Our keyless immobiliser / start stop kits are in our opinion a security must have for any large mobility scooter.

Most people don't realise but many keys for mobility scooters are the same, so anyone with a simlar model as yours could potentialy drive yours away, this kit irradicates the risk of this ever happening.


Once we have installed this kit  you will recieve 2x remotes that will allow you to turn your scooter on or off without the need for keys, making it near impossible for a thief to hot wire your mobility scooter.


For added security we recommend using one of our mobility scooter alarms also.


This price advertised includes fitting by on of our trained engineers.

The fitting of these kits is limited to Sheffield & its surrounding areas only & we would be hesitent to supply the kit for self install.

Mobility Scooter Keyless Immobiliser

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