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The unique Drive U-Drive system converts the drive XS aluminium self propelled wheelchair into a user controlled electric powerchair. It allows for speeds of up to 4mph and can travel up to 6 miles (10km) on a full battery charge. It can be easily fitted or removed and comes with an excellent joystick that provides true user control, including easy acceleration and reversing.

Allows speed of up to 4mph
Travels up to 6 miles (10km) on a full battery charge
The U-Drive can easily be fitted or removed
The excellent P G Drives S-Drive Joystick provides true user control
New push and slide battery removal system to facilitate easy charging
Very portable, making transportation simple
When detached the U-Drive and wheelchair will fit into most car boots for easy transportation
Simple to manoeuvre and reverse making this Powerstroll very user friendly
The U-Drive has a powerful 150 watt, 24V motor, capable of handling most terrains
Maintenance free airline friendly 24V 12ah valve regulated sealed lead acid battery pack
On or off board charging
2A charger provided as standard for off-board charging

Drive U-Drive User operated wheelchair powerpack

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