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The Rollz Motion combines a rollator and wheelchair in one. As a result you don't need to worry about your energy when going out as you will have both options with you. This walking innovation keeps you moving. You can walk as long as you want, sit down in the comfortable seat and be pushed to regain some strength, and then walk again if you feel like it. From now on you can always be part of the fun and not miss holidays with your family or days out with your friends.

It can easily be transformed from a rollator into a wheelchair (and vice versa) on the go whenever it suits you.


Rollz Motion is the perfect rollator and wheelchair combination for those who can walk with support but sometimes need to use a wheelchair too. This way you do not need to choose what aid to bring along when going out for a coffee, to a concert or on a weekend trip.



• Adjustable hand grips and footrests
• Adaptable lumbar support straps
• Swiveling front wheels
• Four colors and two sizes
• Brake safe in wet and dry conditions
• Inverted handles for optimal walking posture in both rollator and transport chair positions


Each gram of this 2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair has been deliberately chosen to design a mobility aid that is as lightweight as possible while offering maximum stability, safety and comfort.

This innovative design transforms from rollator into wheelchair in just a few seconds. No tools needed.The wheelchair package enables to make a comfortable seat with a back rest when set in wheelchair position. It can be left at home when not needed or carried by the rollator when you want to have the wheelchair option with you. In a matter of seconds, simply put the seat up, turn the handles into wheelchair-push-position and adjust it to the correct height for the person pushing the transport chair. Attach the footrests and continue your journey.


The Rollz Motion is easily foldable into a compact package that can be stored in small spaces, transported, or placed in the trunk of a car. All you need to do is remove the cushion and put the seat up.

Its innovative design means you can quickly and easily fold the Rollz Motion on-the-go. Whether you’re catching a bus, getting in a car, or taking a seat at a restaurant, your rollator can be easily folded up at the last minute. In addition, the shape of the frame makes it easy to lift.


The Rollz Motion and Rollz Motion small have been designed for different user heights. The Rollz Motion is the right choice for users with heights between 1,60 cm and 1,90 cm. The small version can be used by those with heights  between 1,50 cm and 1,85 cm tall.

The difference between the regular and small sizes is the frame length, which is 5 cm shorter on the small version. This means that the seat is also 5 cm lower. The Rollz Motion small is only available in blue and black frame colours.


The rollator and wheelchair is equipped with two curb climbers, located behind both left and right rear wheels. By putting your foot on the curb climber and pulling the handles towards you, the rollator will tilt and both front wheels will lift off the ground. This allows you to easily go over curbs or thresholds.

Thanks to the sturdy design, the Rollz Motion will keep its balance, will not shake nor require extra energy from you to handle it.


Use your Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair to the fullest with the available accessories: handy cup holder, stylish shopper or the multi-functional 3-in-1 holder (wheelchair package, cane and bag). Protect the rollator when traveling using the travel cover or protect yourself from rain or sun with the umbrella.

All the Rollz Motion accessories fit also on the Rollz Motion Performance and the Rollz Motion Rhythm.


Rollz Motion 2-in-1 Rollator/Wheelchair

  • Rollator weight: 11,6 kg
    Wheelchair package weight: 3,4 kg
    Maximum weight capacity: 125 kg
    User height (regular): 1,60 – 1,90 m (regular), 1,50 – 1,85 m (small)
    Seat height: 55 cm (regular), 50 cm (small)
    Handle height range: 87 – 98 cm (regular), 82 – 94 cm (small)
    Seat size rollator: 20 x 45 cm
    Seat size wheelchair: 42 x 45 cm
    Overall width: 67 cm
    Overall length: 63 cm
    Width folded: 31 cm
    Front wheel diameter: 8 inch
    Rear wheel diameter: 12 inch

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