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This tyre is suitable for a range of mobility scooter or powered wheelchairs & is available in 2 tread designs,

  • Ribbed pattern is ment for front wheel applications
  • Sawtooth pattern is ment for rear or drive wheel applications.


Our range of pneumatic (air filled) tyres have been designed to offer excellent levels of grip, longevity and reliability. Only products that demonstrate a proven high level of performance and integrity become part of our range.


These tyres fit a variety of mobility scooter. If you are in doubt as to what size you may require please call on: 0114 2315131 & we will be happy to help.

2.80/2.50x4 Mobility Scooter & Powerchair Tyre

  • Electric Mobility
    Liteway 4, Liteway 4 +, Liteway 6, Liteway 8, Liteway Balance, Liteway Balance +, P200,

    Pronto M61, Spectra XTR, Topan,

    Kudos Megalite 4, Kudos Megalite 6, Kudos Megalite 8, Kudos Megalite EQ,

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