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2x 12ah Lithium Batteries


Lithium batteries are on average 50% lighter than standard AGM batteries that will often be found on mobility scooters & powered wheelchairs & have a life expectancy of up to 10 years.

These batteries are a direct replacement for batteries ranging from 12v 12ah to 12v 14ah.


Take a look at our Usefull Mobility Battery Info Page if you are unsure of if the decision to convert to lithium is right for you.



  • Using the technology of lithium iron phosphate cell, superior safety, thousands of cycles, 100%DOD, under normal conditions
  • Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over discharge, over current and over temperature
  • Free of maintenance
  • Internal cell balancing
  • Lighter weight: Roughly 50% of the weight of a comparable lead acid battery
  • Can be charged using most standard lead-acid charges (set)
  • Wider temperature range:-20°C-60°C
  • Support for Series application expansion (up to 51.2V) and two in parallel


For any further Information regarding lithium batteries for your mobility equipment please call us on 0114 2315131


2x 12volt 12ah Lithium Batteries

  • Brand

    TN Power

    Manufacturer Part Number




    Battery Capacity (C20)


    Terminal Type


    Terminal Layout


    Dimensions (Including Terminals)

    L151 x W98 x H101mm




    2 Years

    Country of Manufacture


  • Pride Gogo Elite Traveller (small battery box)

    Pride Gogo Ultra (small battery box)

    Pride Gogo Lite

    Electric Mobility Ultralite 480

    Electric Mobility Liteway 4, 6 or 8

    Electric mobility Balance

    Drive Scout

    Drive Finch

    Drive st1

    Drive Titan

    Drive Style + (small battery box)

    Kymco K-lite

    Sterling Little gem

    Igo Crest

    Invacare Colibri (small battery box)

    Vanos Tiempo

    Tga Zest (small battery box)

    Tga Eclipse (small battery box)

    Airlite x




    Abilize Stride Comforter

    Boot master & Plus


    Many more please call if you are unsure




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