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The ergonomically-designed 4-in-1 Memory Foam Cushion can provide comfort and support to your feet, knees, back (lumbar) or neck. It is ideal for use in the home or office and is constructed from memory foam with a washable, removable microfibre suedette cover. Choose from 3 different cover designs, designed to suit all interiors. The 4-in-1 Cushion is cleverly-shaped to have many possible uses; turn your coffee table into a comfortable footstool, use as an armrest or a laptop desk. It even has a built-in holder for your remote controls!


  • Provides support to your legs, back or neck
  • Ideal for the lounge, bedroom or office
  • Use as a footstool, armrest or laptop desk
  • Built-in holder for your remote controls
  • Available in 3 colours to suit all tastes

4-in-1 Cushion

  • Product Dimensions (mm)370x290x140

    Net weight (kg)0.50

    Main body material: Memory Foam/Microfibre Cove

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